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Data Solutions

There are numerous ways to benefit from having quick and easy access to your data. Here are some ways Qwarkle users leverage institutional knowledge to impact their organizations.

Video Call Database/Transcripts

If you or your company receives video calls from multiple platforms (Zoom, Webex, Teams, etc.), you can now store the recorded meetings in a searchable Qwarkle video database. Search by topic, direct quote, timeframe, or participants and have both the transcript and the video at your fingertips.

Onboarding/Training Platform

For new employees, simplify training by giving them access to your recorded interviews with subject matter experts or HR personnel. Maximize your one-on-one training time by providing these background video training suites in advance.

Institutional Knowledge Retention

Save institutional knowledge of high-experience employees via video interviews. Retirement or other exits of experienced employees does not have to leave voids in your organization’s knowledge base. Qwarkle facilitates the development of a searchable library of institutional knowledge, minimizing the downside risks of losing this information forever.

Collaboration Platform

Use Qwarkle to collaborate with colleagues. This can be done in the field or office environment. Upload video material from smartphones in the field, showing construction, engineering, or other issues for which a second opinion from the office would help with quick decision-making. Or connect from various office locations to examine the data and reach consensus.