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Knowledge RetentionThe future ofyour legacy knowledge

A powerful, user-friendly interface for collaboration, building, and updating your institutional knowledge data.

A better way preserve knowledge

Qwarkle is an expedient platform for staff to archive, research, and share project information across your organization.

Leverage artificial intelligence

Qwarkle is powered by multiple deep learning neural network algorithms to give you valuable insights into your video content.

Facilitate collaboration

This can be done in the field or office environment, from virtually anywhere in the world. Upload video material from smartphones in the field, or connect from various office locations to examine the data and reach consensus.

Time savings

Eliminate unproductive hours searching for essential information across your entire staff.

Onboarding new hires

Streamlines the training of new employees by giving them access to your recorded interviews with subject matter experts or HR personnel.

Training platform

Maximize your one-on-one training time by providing these background video training suites in advance.